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Get ready for the most amazing experience of your life!

Unique challenges. Unforgettable journeys.

Exotic and unique expeditions, but with safety and comfort.
With Red Wolf Experience we create amazing trips for an exclusive group of people.
Did you ever imagine crossing the coast of a country paddling for 7 days? Discovering medieval towns, pristine beaches, incredible harbors. Or cross a frozen 100km lake and dragging sledges?
Here at Red Wolf this is all possible, after all you will be guided by who really understands the subject. Diogo Guerreiro, two world records in extreme expeditions and international reference in diverse adventures, will be with you in our expeditions.

About us

Two worlds. One goal.

On one side the professional adventurer and TV presenter, Diogo Guerreiro. On the other hand, the successful executive with a vast academic and corporate baggage, Thais Martan.

Together they brought their different experiences to create something completely unique: to give more people to live a real expedition.

Feature Expedition

A journey of self-improvement, self-discovery, connection with nature. Simply unforgettable.


Paddle Montenegro

Ever imagined crossing the coast of a country paddling for 7 days? Discovering medieval towns, pristine beaches, incredible harbors. This Red Wolf Experience takes place in one of the most amazing countries in Europe: Montenegro. Bathed by the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean, its coast hides fabulous sites.
For 7 days you will paddle the 110 km of coast, crossing the border with Croatia all the way the southern end of the country.

Our Services

Planning unique expeditions

When we design our expeditions, we worry about offering something completely unique. The pillars of a Red Wolf Experience are:

  1. Physical, mental and spiritual challenge;

  2. Safety;

  3. Exotic destinations and complete immersion in nature.


Professional Guidence

In all Red Wolf Experiences we have an experienced support team 24 hours a day and a professional guide side by side during the expeditions.


Want to do an expedition paddling but do not feel prepared? Want to cross a frozen lake but never skied?
Do not worry. We optionally offer specific training for each Red Wolf Experience.


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